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Carpet Installation in McHenry, Illinois

When it comes to deciding on the right carpet for your McHenry home or business, there are a vast array of carpet options to choose from—many people don’t know here to start. At Complete Floor Coverings, we are here to help you make the best decision possible on the carpet type and style that best fits your needs and living space. We can address all questions you have, and work out the best option so you can have peace of mind that your carpet is a quality fit, so you can get on to enjoying your new carpeted space.

Carpet Store Near McHenry, IL

Come on by our flooring showroom to browse our great selection of carpet and carpet tiles. We carry many popular brands including MOHAWK, Stainmaster Carpet, Stanton, Kane Carpet, and Masland Carpet. No matter what room or style you're going for, we can help you find the right carpet to compliment your home.

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Carpet Installation FAQs

Why Should I install New Carpet?

There are numerous reasons why carpet can be the best option for any office or home working, and living space, but here are two of the best...

  • Improved warmth comfort: - The thermal insulation offered by having carpet in a room is unmatched! Carpet is effective for keeping in the warm air during cold months; while simultaneously providing a soft and comfortable layering to any hard floor surface—creating a relaxing and pleasant living space.
  • Cleaner air: Carpet is a proven temporary filter for the air; trapping in airborne dust, pollens and allergens—completely taking the out of the air to be vacuumed up later. For people suffering from asthma and other allergies, it is the better option.

Should I Consider Performing Carpet Installation On My Own?

While home DIY carpet installation is a considered option for some people, amateurs tend to make many common mistakes that can easily be spotted by professionals. The cost of making these mistakes can be financially costly, with the potential of having to pay for it to be re-done, or even reducing the value of your property. Our carpet installation professionals are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the process—and they need to be, as correct carpet installation requires skill, patience and concentration to get done right.

Who Will Move My Furniture?

Our team is all properly trained in moving all manner of household and office furniture items. No matter what they are, our carpet experts will exercise care and diligence with your items, ensuring everything is carried and stored correctly.

How Should I Care For My New Carpet?

  • Vacuum regularly. Daily for high foot traffic areas, or if you home has pets.
  • Get professional steam cleaning every so often to keep carpet looking fresh and new.
  • Consider buying stain resistant carpet; or purchase a stain resistant product from your local hardware store. This will ensure your carpet remains stain free for longer—reducing overall maintenance costs over time.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

This can vary. In a home without pets, the average life span of carpet is approximately 3 – 5 years. With pets, additional care will need to be implemented to remove pet stains and odors. Providing care and attention with regular maintenance to your carpeted areas can make all the difference to how long it lasts, performing regular care to it as above will help you get the most out of it—and potentially lengthen it’s life span.