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Carpet Installation in Richmond, IL

There are many aspects of the carpet installation process that need to be understood in order for the job to be done to a high quality standard; and will give you back a real return on the investment of installing new carpet. When it comes to deciding on the right carpet for your Richmond home or business, there are a vast array of carpet options to choose from—many people don’t know here to start. At Complete Floor Coverings, we are here to help you make the best decision possible on the carpet type and style that best fits your needs and living space. We can address all questions you have, and work out the best option so you can have peace of mind that your carpet is a quality fit, so you can get on to enjoying your new carpeted space.

Carpet Store Near Richmond, IL

Come on by our flooring showroom to browse our great selection of carpet and carpet tiles. We carry many popular brands including Masland Carpet, MOHAWK, Shaw Floors, and Lexmark Carpet Mills. No matter what room or style you're going for, we can help you find the right carpet to compliment your home.

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Carpet Installation FAQs

Why Should I install New Carpet?

  • Cleaner air: Carpet acts as a temporary air filter system—dusts and pollen become trapped in it, effectively removing a lot of allergy causing materials from the air entirely.
  • Warmth: Carpet affords great thermal efficiency—helping to hold in the warm air over the colder months!
  • Varying styles: There is a large diversity of types, styles and colors of carpet on the market. Whether you want to enhance the visual effect of your home, or find a neutral color to match the other properties of your home or office—there will be something for you. If you need some ideas or inspiration on what carpet style to go with, see examples from Shaw Floors or Mohawk Flooring.

Should I Consider Performing Carpet Installation On My Own?

Installing carpet requires training and experience which takes years to develop! Amateurs tend to make many common mistakes that can easily be spotted by professionals. The cost of making these mistakes can be financially costly, with the potential of having to pay for it to be re-done, or even reducing the value of your property.

When you work with a professional flooring company like Complete Floor Coverings, we make it our priority to make sure you're aware of the scope of the project. This ensures that you never go over budget for your new carpet.

Who Will Move My Furniture?

We will ensure that your furniture is moved safely. Our teams of carpet experts understand how to move furniture from its strongest points effectively and cleanly. We understand the importance and value people’s furniture has, and we always treat it with respect.

How Should I Care For My New Carpet?

You carpet needs to be vacuumed regularly to ensure dust and grime does not build up, as well as ensuring it does not prematurely wear out. Staining fluids and materials should be cleaned up and treated as soon as possible with the appropriate solution.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

This is dependent on several factors. If carpet is looked after very well, it can generally last for several years. In the average household, Carpet may appear worn and stained around the 3-5 year mark. It mainly depends on the amount of foot traffic carpets are exposed to, and the care and maintenance being done to keep the carpet clean. Caring and maintaining it on a regular basis, will definitely extend the look and wear of carpet flooring.