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Carpet Installation in Volo, Illinois

Complete Floor Coverings provide quality and experienced carpet installation services to the Volo, Illinois area. We provide installation for both residential and commercial properties. With the multitude of carpet types on offer, and the different things to take into account with carpet selection—we are here to help you with the selection process, and answer any questions according to your needs. We have four types of cut pile style carpet; including plush carpet, textured carpet; as well as the popular loop-pile carpet styles.

Carpet Store Near Volo, IL

Come visit our carpet showroom to see our great selection of carpet tiles. We carry many different styles from reliable brands such as Kane Carpet, Shaw Floors, and Masland Carpet. If you need a second opinion on finding a matching carpet for a room, talk to our owner John. He has helped countless homeowners find the right carpet tile to compliment the look of a room.

Carpet Sales & Special Offers

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Carpet Installation FAQs

Why Should I install New Carpet?

Softer surface reduces the risk of injury. Accidents can inevitably happen on harder, more slippery floors—carpet adds a more textured anti-slip surface. This is perfect particularly for families with young children or toddlers.

  • Cleaner air: Carpet acts to hold in dust, pollens and other airborne materials temporarily, until they can be vacuumed up, a better choice for people prone to allergies or asthma.
  • Sustainable: With new technology in recent times, old carpet can be recycled into new carpets. According to one report, a manufacturers study found that roughly 85% of 121 pounds of used carpet collected was recycled to be used in new carpet manufacturing. This reduces the overall demand for new raw materials in the industry.

Should I Consider Performing Carpet Installation On My Own?

While some people choose to go the DIY route, it is not necessarily the best idea for the longevity and overall quality of the carpet. Installing carpet properly and without mistakes is a delicate and difficult process—it takes a professional with knowledge and patience to perform the job to a quality standard.

Who Will Move My Furniture?

Our carpet installation experts are ready and well equipped to move your furniture safely; they understand how to navigate furniture around houses easily and effectively to safeguard your property.

How Should I Care For My Carpet?

Carpet maintenance is the best way to ensure your carpet lasts for many years. Vacuuming regularly is key!

It may pay to consider either investing stain-resistant carpet, or buying a stain resistant coating for your carpet from the local hardware store—doing so will ensure potential staining materials can be removed from the carpet with ease. If you already have stains, you can create an Ammonia solution, distilled with some vinegar and water can remove most stains.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

If looked after well, carpet can last for multiple decades—this means regular maintenance and care must be given to your carpet—reducing the impact of wear-and-tear, stains and other factors. In the typical household, carpet often loses its luster after 5 years or so, this can happen sooner if there are pets and children in the home—increasing the risk of stains, and fraying due to claws. However, with the right maintenance, and the help of professional carpet cleaners every so often, the longevity of the carpet can be increased.

Carpet Brands We Carry

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