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Carpet Installation in Woodstock, IL

Complete Floor Coverings provides quality service for your carpeting needs in Woodstock. Carpet is one of those options that have a seemingly endless array of types, styles and colors available to choose from. While the thought of this may often feel like an overwhelming task, where do you start? Going about deciding what type of carpet is best for each context requires knowledge and attention to detail to get done right. Complete Floor Coverings will work with you on finding the best carpet for your Woodstock home or office!

Complete Floor Coverings has years of experience in the carpet installation and sale, and we have experts in the flooring industry ready to help you. We provide installation for both residential and commercial properties as well.

Carpet Store Near Woodstock, IL

Stop by our carpet showroom to see our great selection of carpet tiles. We carry many different styles from reliable brands such as Kane Carpet, Shaw Floors, and Masland Carpet. We have staff ready to help you find the right carpet for your home or office!

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Carpeting Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I install New Carpet?

  • Warmth - Carpets provide unbeatable thermal insulation for your home or business—helping to keep the warm air in in the colder months.
  • Comfort - Carpet provides a relaxing and comfortable surface to unwind. Sitting down in front of the warm wood fire is fairly uncomfortable when you don’t have carpet!
  • Safety - The added resistance offered by the texture of carpet helps to drastically reduce the number of slips and falls caused by other slippery surfaces like wood, or linoleum. Carpet provides cushioning when accidents do happen. This makes carpet the best option for families with toddlers, or children.
  • Style - There are many different styles and color combinations of carpet on offer. Carpets come in neutral, vibrant, or patterned colors, across many styles of cut or loop pile carpet.there is definitely a combination that will work for any home or business environment.

Should I Consider Performing Carpet Installation On My Own?

Carpet installation, done correctly, requires the skill of a trained expert. While some choose the DIY route, many common mistakes made by amateurs can be costly to fix. Quality carpet installation requires the knowledge and attention to detail of an expert to ensure the value, durability, and appearance of it over time.

Who Will Move My Furniture?

We will! Our fully trained carpet installation specialists understand that your furniture is valuable and precious to you. Safeguarding the integrity of your furniture and belongings is a important to us, and we make sure every member of our staff understands this!

How Should I Care For My Carpet?

With the correct knowledge of carpet maintenance for your type of carpet—any carpet in your office or home can last for years, remaining in good condition. Here are a few ways to perform upkeep on carpet flooring:

  • Vacuum regularly—daily in high foot-traffic areas.
  • Professional steam cleans are very effective for removing common stains, and keeping your carpet fresh and maintained.
  • Consider getting stain resistant carpet.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

This depends entirely on how you care and maintain your carpet, as well as a host of other factors; like having pets, or children for example. Carpet that is well looked after (see care tips above) it can last into multiple decades. Kids can increase the likelihood of stains, and animals claws can speed up the process of fraying. In any case, choosing the right carpet type for is important, and we can assist you with choosing the floor that best fits your home or office.