Flooring Store Near Hebron, IL

If it belongs on the floor, we sell it in our store!

For quality flooring in Hebron Illinois and across McHenry County, Complete Floor Coverings is the flooring company for you. We have extensive experience working in this area and we regularly keep a large selection of flooring in our inventory so that you always have options in décor. We offer flooring styles that range from hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and carpet for homes and businesses.

Residential and Commercial Flooring Installation In Hebron, IL

Our staff can provide commercial flooring as well as residential flooring to the people of Hebron Illinois. If you have a particular look that you want to achieve or have a strict budget that you need to stay within for your renovation, our team will work with you on getting what you need.

Hebron Flooring Sales & Special Offers

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We Stock A wide Range of Flooring Which Include:

Carpet Flooring

We can offer carpeting that ranges from area rugs to completely redoing your home in several different types of carpets. We can help you mix and match as well as find the best color and style that suits your budget.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is a great flooring option for renovations that must stay within budget, without sacrificing durability or the look. We have luxury vinyl that visually imitate the look of wood and stone. View our flooring to learn more.

Hardwood Flooring

We offer hardwood floors in different styles and finishes or prefinished flooring straight from the manufacturer. The wood can be arranged to from several unique patterns including chevrons and the herringbone design. If you have a specific pattern for your wood floors, call us for a consultation.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

We stock exotic hardwoods that you wouldn't normally find in North America. We use styles of wood from around the world that are perfect for creating a unique accent piece or an entire floor.

Laminate Flooring

Our laminate flooring is similar to luxury vinyl in that they are man made and mimic the look of other natural floors.

Custom Flooring Suited For Your Needs

We can create custom flooring solutions for the people of Hebron Illinois. If you wanted to combine multiple services or products in your home or business, we can meet your needs.

Hardwood Refinishing For Existing Wood Floors

Refinishing wood floors is a good way to make sure keep their warm and comforting look. Some of the benefits of hardwood refinishing include:

  • Reviving an old, gritty floor to look beautiful and almost new again.
  • Ability to change the appearance of the floor with simple finishes.
  • Reduce maintenance/replacement costs.
  • Improve the aesthetic quality of the room while increasing the value of the property.
Area Rugs

We have numerous styles of area rugs to decorate your new flooring. The type of area rugs have available include tufted rugs, needle felted rugs, knotted, woven, hooked, and flat weave rugs. In addition to being decorative, they also provide some soundproofing and insulation capabilities.

Flooring In Hebron, Illinois:

Hebron is a fair sized village within McHenry County Illinois. With an estimated population of over 1200 people, we often make our way out to this area to serve the businesses and families that live in Hebron.

If you need quality flooring in Hebron Illinois or the surrounding area, contact Complete Floor Coverings today.