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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Twin Lakes, WI

Refinishing Hardwood Floors
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Hardwood refinishing will help you unlock extra value out of your home or property. While you may be tired of looking at dingy old hardwood floors, or you may have hardwood floors that you have covered for years with carpet, the experts at Complete Floor Coverings can bring back your flooring to its original condition. Our sanding and refinishing services can restore even aging hardwoods to a beautiful new condition.

With our floor sanding and refinishing services, we can perform refinishing on engineered hardwood, prefinished hardwood, as well as exotic hardwood flooring. While finishes may wear out over time, we can help to maintain these floors for the future of your property.

The Main Benefits of Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin Include

Improving Décor

Older style hardwood may not match with new fixtures in your home. Refinishing can re-stain your hardwood so that it can have a new look that matches your new décor touches. With the help of these new décor improvements, it is possible to vastly improve the look of your space.

Save Money

The full replacement of hardwood floors can be considerably more expensive than the cost of restoration. Rather than being stuck having to potentially replace sections of your hardwood floor or a full room in your home with new hardwood floor, restoration can prevent major repairs as well as be a much cheaper option than full replacement. Restoration can also bring your hardwood floor to the same level that it was brand new.

Our work in Twin Lakes Wisconsin:

The staff at Complete Floor Coverings provide restoration services on exotic hardwoods, vintage hardwood, and more for the Twin Lakes area. With this area expanding quite fast we work with many local businesses and residences. When you need quality hardwood flooring restorations contact our staff today.

If you would like a quote for wood floor sanding and refinishing, contact us today.