Why Buy a Rug?

There are a number of reasons to add a rug or two to any room in your home. A rug is not simply a decorative choice, but also a very functional piece of soft furnishing.


Today, rugs are largely chosen as decoration in homes. One of the great things about rugs are the wide variety of styles and colors of rugs available. Design can range from very complex and vary from popular children’s cartoon characters to very detailed contemporary subjects. A decorative rug can tie the room together nicely and can turn your living space into a much more refined one.


Carpets are installed wall-to-wall for a number of reasons, including their soundproofing feature. Other popular flooring choices are hardwood or luxury vinyl. While this type of surface is very easy to keep clean, sounds reflect off of hard surfaces easily. An area rug can resolve this in a visually appealing way. Sound is absorbed by the fibers of the rug rather than being reflected off the floor, creating a much quieter room.


Whether it is placed on carpet, hardwood, or vinyl floor, a rug will soften the area. This can be very useful in homes with children who are prone to tripping, or falling. It also creates a pleasant cushioned floor to walk on.


While hard flooring is easier to maintain, it does not offer the same insulative features as a carpet, and underlay. Placing rugs on the floor can be an alternate solution. Because of the packed nature of the rug fibers, heat is trapped during the winter, and cool indoor temperatures are maintained in the summer.

Types of Rugs

Rug quality varies depending on the manufacturing process and the materials involved. From nylon, rayon and acetate, to wool, silk and cotton. Rugs are constructed from a variety of materials.

Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs are easy to mass produce, and are commonly sold rugs.

Needle Felted Rugs

Needle felted carpets are very durable. Their compact fibers are attracted together via electrostatic means. Because of its extreme durability and higher cost, it is often used in high traffic locations rather than homes.

Knotted Rugs

Knotted pile rugs can be machine or man made, depending on their origins. The thread making up the carpet is pulled through the backing material. Knotted rugs are available in an array of colors and sizes.

Woven Rugs

Woven rugs are created on a loom, and because of this, they can be created using different colored yarns. Both loop pile, also known as berber, cut pile rugs, and a combination style can be made this way. The loom is the oldest known rug making technique, and continues to be a means of creating attractive, detailed designs.

Hooked Rugs

The domain of many a hobbyist, the hooked rug is a style in which pieces of material are drawn through a burlap backing to create a simple rug. They're less expensive than other rug types.

Flat weave Rugs

Flat woven rugs are threads or long pieces of material are woven through the cotton instead of being tied around it. Popular european flat woven carpet types include Damask, Venetian and Dutch styles.

Embroidered Rugs

Embroidery is a very old craft. Embroidered rugs were somewhat mass produced when steel needles became available, but have largely remained the domain of craftsmen.

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